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The Gelmoment Business Opportunity

What it Means for You?

GelMoment will change people’s lives by offering the best Business Opportunity with the highest integrity in Direct Selling. Core to our success driven purpose is treating others as you would want to be treated, and providing our Distributors with the means through which they can sell our products/services, while making money consistent with their personal goals. GelMoment unifies its Distributors in a common cause and growth strategy.

Being a GelMoment Distributor opens the door to many opportunities. As the entrepreneur of your own business, you ultimately determine how much money you want to earn, based on the amount of time you decide to dedicate to your business. Whether you want to be a part-time Distributor with GelMoment, or you want to make this your full-time career, the possibilities are endless and earning potential is unlimited.

  • Work 100% from home or on the road
  • Be your own boss
  • Set and manage your own schedule
  • Control your income (Need a little extra cash? Book a Party!)
  • Be an Independant Business Owner (with full support and training from us)
  • Earn recognition for your achievements
  • Enjoy extra perks and bonuses (Conditions apply)
  • Get paid right away (Instant Earnings)
  • Own your personalized e-commerce web-store
  • No auto-ship (We only ship you what you order!)
  • Affordable Enrolment Package
  • Access to a full Training Manual online
  • Sell in Canada, USA, UK and Australia

Join the GelMoment Family!

Be part of something amazing!

Our Company is guided by three pillars:

1. PEOPLE: we aim to inspire our Distributors to attain increased financial achievements, success, and personal freedom. We believe that each of our Distributors will create positive energy, enabling them to extend these same values and benefits to those around them.

2. PRODUCT: we are dedicated to providing the highest level of quality and service possible, leaving minimal impact on the environment. We strive to create a better product and a better world with a positive culture that lends itself to our Distributors’ success. GelMoment is proud to be amongst the first nail polish companies to use renewable oil energy in its products.

3. COMMUNITY: we devote ourselves to building GelMoment into a community of entrepreneurs. We share strategies, resource materials, and support. We encourage our Distributors to achieve their financial goals, and together attain a better quality of life for ourselves and our families; essentially the GelMoment family.

“ An excellent product

together with

dedicated partners

and a close-knit

community is just

what it takes to nail

success! ”

Lighting up the world one nail at a time!

GelMoment partners with I-Payout

Access your earnings quickly and with ease

GelMoment has partnered with I-Payout, a leading digital global payments provider for direct selling companies. With its global banking partnerships and knowledge of national regulations in over 140 countries, I-Payout has the capabilities needed to create a customized platform offering a seamless experience to our Distributors. Your retail earnings will be available within one hour, after a sale is made on your website. With I-Payout’s various payment options, you will have full control on how you withdraw, transfer and spend your earnings. The GelMoment Visa card is available for purchase through your I-Payout account.

Certain rules and restrictions apply. Guidelines and terms for GelMoment commission structure and payments can be found in the Distributor Agreement.

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Getting Started with your GelMoment Business

Once you have completed the sign up registration as a GelMoment Distributor, you will be ready to get started right away. You will have access to your own personal website, complete with an e-commerce web-store, so you can start selling GelMoment products right away. Your name will appear at the top of your website for your customers to see and ensure they are on the correct web page.

While you await your Enrollment Package, we encourage you to read through the GelMoment Training Manual. This manual was designed to help you get started and guide you through every step of your GelMoment business. You will learn valuable selling techniques as well as recruiting tips. The Training Manual can be found in the back-office of your website, under Marketing Tools.

We invite you to join our Facebook Corporate page to stay in touch with other Distributors and be in on all the latest news and updates. You can be added by your up-line or by sending an email to:

Look through the Business Supplies section of your back office to order catalogs, info cards and other advertising materials that will be helpful in sharing your GelMoment products and business with others.

You can also visit Vista Print for promotional items, banners and personalized advertising tools.

Here are the links:

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Rewards for your Party Hostess made easy

Whether you prefer a chic happy hour after work or a casual Sunday afternoon at home, you can take your GelMoment Parties anywhere. The Party section of our Training Manual will guide you through all the steps to ensure you have a successful Party and your Hostess will be happy. Our user-friendly Party section in your website’s back office, allows you to book, follow and manage your Parties with just a few clicks. Whether you are thinking big or wanting to start small, the choice is yours, but begin right NOW and start building your path to success.

The GelMoment Compensation Plan

GelMoment has a simple mission: to make life beautiful for as many people as possible. Let us help you choose your destiny; earn a little extra each month or create a life changing career. Our Compensation Plan has been designed to give you maximum opportunity multiplied by the effort you put into it. You choose your own goals – we just help you reach them.

You have the ability to generate up to 50% profit on every eligible item sold, in addition to growing through our attainable ranks that generate healthy commissions all the way to 10 levels deep. Your income can grow by leaps and bounds as you build your team.

Look out for our exciting perks. These include various bonuses,including a Trip Incentive Bonus as well as a Car Incentive Bonus.

Let us help you understand more about this opportunity; you are on the road to success!

Join Now!

Monthly Rank Requirements

Wholesale amounts are calculated at 70% of the Personal Retail Volume of all commissions sales.

*Lifetime: To reach the level of Fashionista, a Distributor must have reached $500 in Personal Retail Sales

**To avoid becoming inactive, each Distributor must have at least $200 in Personal Retail Sales within the past three months.

Earnings Breakdown

The GelMoment Trip Incentive Bonus

Whether you prefer cruising the high seas, touring Europe or laying on a sandy beach in the Caribbean, the choice is yours with GelMoment’s Trip Incentive Bonus. When the necessary requirements are met, you will receive a cash bonus to put towards the trip of your dreams. Our Trip Incentive Bonus gives you the freedom to choose where you go, when you go and who you will share this exciting trip with.

The GelMoment Car Incentive Bonus

GelMoment wants to put you behind the wheel of the car of your dreams. With our easily attainable requirements together with training and support, you could be holding the keys to your dream car, sooner than you imagined.

GelMoment’s Car Incentive Bonus is designed to give you the freedom to choose the car, truck, sport utility vehicle, boat or even motorcycle that you have always wanted!