Enrollment Package content and price are subject to change without notice.

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Our Enrollment Package

Once you complete the enrollment process, we will send you your Gel Go Enrollment Package immediately. Your Enrollment Package comes with the necessary products and sales tools to get you started with your new business.  Excited to try products that are not in this package?  As soon as you complete your sign up, you will have access to your personal web-store, so you can place an order right away.  

 This exclusive Enrollment Package is only available for new Distributors at signup and cannot be purchased as a product. 

Please note that Enrollment Packages can take up to 7 business days for processing.

Enrollment Package 2019


  • 2 Gel Polish
  • 1 LED Lamp
  • 1 Nail File (pack of 2)
  • 1 Cuticle Pusher
  • 50 Cleansers
  • 100 Removers
  • 1 Set of Hand-Painted Nail Sticks
  • 5 Skin Care Samples
  • 10 Order Forms
  • 1 Product Catalog
  • 10 Information/Thank You Cards
  • 10 Business Cards
  • 1 Distributor Guide
  • 50 Party invitations
  • 1 Business Opportunity Brochure
  • 10 Hostess Party Guide
  • 1 Distributor Party Guide
  • 1 Party Step Cards
  • 1 Charm Flyer
  • 1 Leadership Program Flyer
  • 1 Enrollment Box
  • 1 Year eWallet Fee (Value of $24)
  • 1 Year Website Maintenance Fee (Value of $49)
  • 1 Gel Go Charm + Welcome Card
Special offer, this month only! Remain active as a GelMoment Distributor for at least one full year and receive a full refund for your purchase!*

*Annual renewal fees must be paid before you are eligible for a refund. 

All Enrollment Package contents are subject to change and may be replaced with an item of equal or greater value.          


Value of $268.55

*Enrollment Package content and price are subject to change without notice. Serum type, bottle caps and product colors may vary. Marketing Materials included, based on availability. Available to new Distributors only. Please allow up to 7 business days for processing.


GelMoment continually strives to improve efficiency and social responsibility. As we grow and increase our product line, we look for more ways to ensure that what we do is good for our planet and as a result, humanity.

From minimalist packaging to recyclable ingredients, not to mention 5-FREE products, we recognize that beautiful products require a beautiful world to live in.


GelMoment prides itself on providing the highest quality product for our customers and filling a gaping hole in the otherwise saturated nail polish market.

GelMoment offers a "DIY-One-Step Gel Polish Application" that does not require a base coat or top coat, cures in 45 or 60 seconds with one of our LED lamps, and lasts up to 14 days, depending on your nail type.

Our European made Gel Polishes are solvent-free, 5-Free, lead-free, latex-free, non-toxic, not tested on animals and do not contain animal by-products. We currently have a large selection of gorgeous colors to choose from and an easy removal system that is non-damaging to your natural nails, allowing for easy color changes as often as you like. Our Gel Polish is safe to use on children, with proper supervision. Our made to measure accessories were developed to ensure the proper application and removal processes, when used together with our Gel Polish.


As an Independent Distributor you have the liberty of controlling and determining your own success. We will provide you with the necessary tools to get started and offer you continuous training, the rest is up to you. Your GelMoment business offers you an amazing potential for personal development, financial security and the freedom to manage your own work schedule, while throwing Parties and having fun! Success is no accident, but the result of consistent activity and dedication over time. "Doing things right" will ensure success.


Your commissions will be deposited into your eWallet account one hour after your online sale. You will be able to receive, transfer, or spend your money the way you see fit.

You can transfer your earnings to your GelMoment Visa Debit card or directly to your bank account.

Certain rules and restrictions apply. Guidelines and terms for GelMoment commission structure and payments can be found in the Distributor Agreement.


Whether you prefer a chic happy hour after work or a casual Sunday afternoon at your home, you can take your GelMoment Party anywhere!

Share your GelMoment products with your friends and family. They can earn free products for hosting a GelMoment Party for you. The plan is simple and rewards are fun.

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GelMoment has a simple mission: to make life beautiful for as many people as possible. Let us help you choose your destiny; earn a little extra each month or create a life-changing career. Our Compensation Plan has been designed to give you maximum opportunity multiplied by the effort you put into it. You choose your own goals; we just help you reach them.

You have the ability to generate up to 50% profit on every eligible item sold in addition to growing through our attainable ranks that generate healthy commissions, all the way to 10 levels deep. Your income can grow by leaps and bounds as you build your team.

Look out for our exciting bonuses. These include a Personal Recruit Performance Bonus, a Trip Incentive Bonus as well as a Car Incentive Bonus.

Let us help you understand more about this opportunity; you are on the road to success. Join Now!

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